Nonprofit Presentation by Sam Caster 




The recent shift in our global economy has negatively impacted the financial needs of the not-for-profit industry. Nic Frances, author of the book, The End of Charity, writes that if fundamental and lasting change is to occur [through not-for-profit organizations], sustainable funding will have to come from the structure and dynamics of markets and social enterprise. It will be a tough shift for organizations that have previously relied on the charity model, but it will be necessary if they want to exist and thrive in the 21st century.

For most organizations, finding the right vehicle will present the biggest challenges to pursuing this new opportunity. This presentation is designed to introduce not-for-profit organizations to the new model of Social Entrepreneurship and to Mannatech/MannaRelief solution for sustainable funding.

Not-For-Profit Presentation

This video presentation is divided into four sections:

  • Section 1: An introduction into a new sustainable funding platform (Social Entrepreneurship) for not-for-profit organizations.
  • Section 2: What is Social Entrepreneurship and how it goes beyond the sale of products and services.
  • Section 3: How Mannatech/MannaRelief provides the most compelling marketplace vehicle for sustainable funding.
  • Section 4: Sustainable funding options.

Win-Win-Win Sustainable Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

Click here for the exerpt from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor that Wendy read on Tuesday Night Live Novemeber 8th. Great recomendations for Mannatech! It will make you proud!

Showing nonprofit organizations how to raise funds through Mannatech is very exciting and rewarding!  I have compiled some materials and tools that our group is using to create Win-Win-Win fundraising opportunity for charities.

All the materials below are updated with the NutriVerus and 4FREE Discount Program however, the Associate Training will be updated later in May.

1) Training for the Associate presenting to the Nonprofit:

"Nonprofit Training Webinar"  recorded by Wendy July 20th. (I will update this soon, however the basic information still applies.

2) Presentation to the Nonprofit Board of Directors: Updated with NutriVerus and 4FREE!

Choose the format you prefer:  Power Point   PDF File  Keynote    (updated 5/7/12)


3) Leave-Behind Documents following your Presentation: Updated!

Brochure   Sample Direct Mail to Donor    Sample Cover letter (that could be mailed with the Direct Mail to Donor)

I suggest printing the Brochure on two-sided glossy paper. Print both the Brochure and "Direct Mail to Donor" piece  two-sided. Print in full color. Be professional!

4)  Non Profit Application* click here

*Remember with NonProfit status the organization receives a complimentary registration at the Preferred Customer level and requires NO qualifiying order each business period. They will receive 15% of the Member orders placed below them. They also receive a free MannaPages webpage which they can link to their own website to promote the Real Switch Challenge fundraiser and which will allow their donors to order online.