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Robert T. Kiyosaki defined the monetary situation of every individual in his book Cashflow Quadrant. People’s financial conditions are divided into 4 quadrants: E (Employee), S (Self Employed), B (Business Owner) and I (Investor). It is a wish of everybody to enhance their monetary situation when they are within the E (Employee) quadrant or in the S (self employed) quadrant. Network Marketing Internet Business is the right solution for ordinary people to move to B (Business Owner) quadrant quickly. It’s no doubt that network marketing internet business or MLM internet business is on the rise as a result of these five major causes

1. Wellness Trend. Resulting from hectic life, the modern illness is on the rise. Individuals eat fast food greater than slow food and the implications are poor health. Fatigue, unhealthy cholesterol level, depression, hypertension, obesity are just few examples of modern illness. Individuals are on the lookout for health solutions. They wish to keep healthy, younger and beautiful. They’re very particular to choose health or wellness products. Their preference is natural products. Most of MLM companies are in wellness business and they respond well to provide health solutions for people.

2. The Rise of Living Cost. The rise of living cost and the unpredictable economy push people to save more or to earn more. If individuals choose to earn more, they have 2 options: part-time job or part-time business. Part-time business promises extra earnings than part-time job. The revenue of part-time business is like a safety net, aside from their revenue in primary business or daytime job. Many professionals or educated people look for quick start business in the internet. Network marketing internet business is viewed as the perfect business model as a result of they get good system, good products and a website instantly. All they should do is to deal with marketing.

3. The Revolution of Internet and Social Media Online. The internet and social media online bring people together. People can connect with each other across countries. Online payment gateway brings business into internet business. Social media online doesn’t solely turn out to be the social media platform but also the advertising and marketing media platform for any sizes of enterprises. Fb fan page is one example of popular advertising platforms for enterprise to gather followers or fans.

4. The Emerge of New Network Marketing Companies. The emerge of latest network marketing firms which combine the state art of technology, know-how and internet streamline the operation. This allows distributors to build their organization globally because the registration and administration are carried out automatically. The new MLM internet business company provides an individual website to each brand partner or distributor so they can market their business independently via the internet.

5. Celebrities and Experts Endorse Network Marketing. Donald Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki recommended direct sales or MLM internet enterprise for ordinary folks to start-up a business.

With the 5 causes above, people who have been in the traditional network marketing business will need to study the brand new method of doing this business over the internet. People who have internet skills such as Internet marketers, affiliate marketers or professional bloggers have advantages and they are looking at MLM internet business which rewards potential life-changing income. 

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